Our prized range of Australian hardwoods include:


Tasmanian Oak

Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus obliqua, Eucalyptus delgatensis, Eucalyptus gigantia

  • Hardness rating; 4.5-8 Dependant on species
  • Also Victorian Ash, Mountain Ash, Alpine Ash, Australian Oak & Messmate

A very tall growing tree, Oak displays long straight grain and is not only used in furniture, but often in flooring and construction due to it’s strength and durability. Furniture grade timber is generally light in colour, with mainly pale straw to light-brown tones.

timber 2

Silver Wattle

Acacia dealbata,

  • Hardness rating; 5.1

Like it’s acacia cousin Blackwood, Silver Wattle is renowned for it’s lovely variation of grain and colour tone. Lighter in colour to Blackwood, expect shades of soft pink through to yellow-brown’s.

timber 3


Eucalyptus obliqua,

  • Hardness rating; 8.
  • Also Messmate Stringybark, & Messmate.

These tall growing Hardwood trees are one of the main species included in Tasmanian Oak. Displaying great variation in colour and texture, it is characterised by the large amount of gum veins and wild grain structure. The timber colour will vary, ranging from light to dark brown tones.


Tasmanian Blackwood

Acacia melanoxylon,

  • Hardness rating; 5.9
  • Also Character (knotty) Blackwood & Black Wattle

Long regarded as one of Australia's premier furnishing timbers, Blackwood has many grain textures, displaying amazing ‘Fiddle-back’ and grand ‘Crowning’ growth patterns with stunning blends of colour variation. Character Blackwood is highlighted by knots and a heavier variation of colour tone. The timber colour will range from light golden-browns, to a beautiful deep brown hue.



Nothofagus cunninghamii,

  • Hardness rating; 5.9
  • Also Myrtle Beech, Australian Cherry, Tasmanian Myrtle

With a glorious variety of grain patterns, including Tiger stripes and Burl Myrtle is sought out for timber veneer work as well as being used in solid timber construction. The colour varies from mostly pink tones to almost orange and red-browns.


Celery top Pine

Phyllocladus aspleniifolius,

  • Hardness rating; 5.5

Is a natural, durable and tough, fine grained timber. It's colour is often light at first, with pale cream tones but it mellows to a lovely golden brown hue.



Eucalyptus marginate,

  • Hardness rating; 8.5
  • Also Swan River Mahogany

This fantastic Hardwood has been used for many years all around the world, thanks to its durability and great strength. Due to it’s high density rating (it’s even resistant to termites!), Jarrah is ideal for areas of high usage. The beautiful deep, brownish-red tones are one of the best natural features of Western Australia’s favourite timber.


Red gum

Eucalyptus camaldulensis,

  • Hardness rating; 10
  • Also River Red Gum

Stunning ‘Fiddle-back’ grain structure and character gum veins are just some of the highlights of this glorious timber. It’s extremely dense and is excellent when used in high traffic areas. The ‘Red’ in Red Gum is a direct description of it’s natural colour.



Atherosperma moschatum,

  • Hardness rating; 4.7
  • Also Blackheart, or Clear Sassafras, White Sassafras & Golden Sassafras

This most varied timber species is certainly the easiest to recognise in the Blackheart from. It’s suitable for Solid timber work and is equally beautiful as featured veneer panels. As Blackheart Sassafras’s deep, Black streaks run through creamy grey and white timber, a stunning display is created that makes any piece made in this timber truly unique.


Huon Pine

Lagarostrobos franklinii,

  • Hardness rating; N/A
  • Also White Pine & Macquarie Pine

Huon Pine, is the most prized of Tasmanian timbers. Its rich golden colour, figure and unique perfume are unmistakeable. Most Huon Pine forest is now held in World Heritage listed areas and as such, the supply is limited to only a small, managed release each year.

Interestingly, Huon was used extensively at the turn of last century for it's durability in boat building. It's colour is often light at first, with pale cream tones but it mellows to a lovely golden brown hue.